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Parking Sensors
OEM quality aftermarket parking sensors can be fitted to both the Front and  Rear of most cars and light commercial vehicles
Available in
: Black for unpainted plastic bumpers (and black cars)
: Rubber for vehicles with steel bumpers and bull bars
: Painted to your vehicles colour 
: 2 and 4 sensor models
: With audible beeper (standard) or LED display (optional)
Prices  from  $385.00 fitted 
Rear View Cameras      
Rear view camera systems are available in dash mount screen or the more popular MIRROR monitor that gives you a screen in the rear view mirror that allows you to still use you rear view mirror when reversing
Promoting good driving technique and added safety
These can be linked with parking sensors that give a distance read out in the rear view image  and additional camera fitted to caravan or trailer
Hyundai I20 Camera

Prices from $440.00 fitted
Rear view systems can also be linked to cameras fitted to caravans and trailers
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