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Hylander Car Alarms 
offer a conditional warranty as set out below and for a period set by the suppliers and/or manufacturers of relevant products  

Warranty claims are subject to the following conditions, the manufacturer and
Hylander Car Alarms reserves the right to reject warranty claims of the following nature.

1. Product failure due to      
 (a) Unreasonable environmental conditions      
 (b) Any part of the system is damaged by water       
(c) Vehicle mechanical or electrical fault      
 (d) Tampering by unauthorized persons

2. Any vehicle mechanical or electrical system failure that may have been caused by the installed product

3. Any product transferred from original vehicle installed into

4. Any product altered or modified without prior consent

5. Any product used in a way other than it was designed for

6. Labour charges if product is to be repaired by other authorised persons outside our service area

 Never use or rely on a damaged or malfunctioning product

All claims must be submitted to Hylander Car Alarms only for consideration by calling 0418262563 
or by email Sales@hylandercaralarms.com prior to any work being carried out 

Warranty does NOT cover software upgrades required for future product developments, batteries or globes
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