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Hands Free/Bluetooth

Hands Free car kits come in all sorts of types

*Hardwired Single Phone dedicated cradle type

*Hardwired cradle type with charging cradles (when available)

*Hardwired Bluetooth with optional universal cradle

*Plus many more

We have access to many types of Hands Free systems

THB Bury car kits offer a Bluetooth system with option of vehicle speaker hookup or under dash speaker as well as active cradle type car kits that have removable cradle to allow you to change your phone and not have to replace your whole car kit . (most popular brands and models supported)

$ P.O.A  

Other types

Other brands of car kits are available on request including Nokia, Motorola,Viseeo etc                

* Standard fitting only does not include additional accessories


As of November 1st 2012, the NSW Government is introducing changes to the current road laws.

Use of mobile phones

While a vehicle is moving or stationary (but not parked), a driver may only use a mobile phone to make or receive a call or use the audio playing function:

  • If the mobile phone is secured in a fixed mounting; or
  • If not in a mounting, use of the mobile phone must not require a driver to touch or manipulate the phone in any way.

The new laws make it clear that a driver in a moving or stationary vehicle (unless parked) MUST NOT HOLD a phone in his or her hand other than to pass the phone to a passenger.

Penalty: 3 demerit points (4 in a school zone) and $298 ($397 in a school zone)

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